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Outback Pursuit

Outback Pursuit

This Never Blind was made with archers in mind. With eight windows, you will never be blind to the nature surrounding you. It has four windows that are 40” high and 12” wide, making it a breeze to shoot your bow. With drawstring windows, you will be able to open and close them with ease and silence. The paradise of hunting is taken to a new level with this hunting blind.


Standard Features

4 – 20″ x 24″ Windows

4 – 40″ x 12″ Archery Window Upgrade

Padded Shelves

Carpet and padding on floor

8′ Platform height

Drawstring windows with balance weight

Noise dampening ceiling

8′ Wide Platform

24″ x 36″ Entry door

Recommended Options

Ladder: 8′ or 12′ Platform

8′ Stairs

Window Upgrade (Adds 4 20″x16″ windows )

Archery Window Upgrade (Adds 4 40″x12″ archery windows )

Window Covers

Archery Window Rest


Flip It Light

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